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It’s often said that “Resumes get Jobs”. But do they? Well no, resumes by themselves do not get jobs. Interviews get jobs. The purpose of Resumes is to get interviews. But not every resume gets interviews. Why is that?

There are a variety of reasons. Perhaps your experience simply does not match the job requirements. But what if your qualifications are a dead-on match for the job? Why is there no invitation to an interview? The answer is that your resume probably never passed computerized filters and never made it to anybody’s desk; certainly not that of the hiring manager.

This unfortunate outcome may have to do with the lay-out and format of the resume document. The truth is that most resumes are no longer compatible with computerized hiring processes which search for key words. Resumes are still written in the same way, the same style, the same lay-out, with the same phrases and submitted accompanied by the same cover letters as a generation ago.

Today, a new approach is required. Resumes should not simply be compilations of education and job experience but be thought of as marketing tools; tools to market you the candidate; and this requires a new way of resume creation: New lay-outs, structure, phrasing and visual presentation to pass through even the most stringent computerized filters.

This can be accomplished by optimizing your resume and we will do it for you free of charge. Simply upload your resume in our internal database and we will email you your personalized version of your optimized resume to use with all your job applications, not only via Pharmaboard®. You will have exponentially greater successes. We practically guarantee it!