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Why you should optimize your resume!

The most frequent complaint is that one’s resume elicits no responses. Nothing! As if it had disappeared into a black hole. Here’s why:

Your resume has only seconds to catch a reviewer’s attention.
Your salient qualifications must jump out at the reader. If your resume fails in that, it will be passed over.

But there is a proven way to capture and hold any recipient’s attention:
Optimize your resume! Rearrange the order!
Cut & paste your qualifications into the template below.
This is the format employers value. Your success rate will go up!

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Good hunting!

Please download this form. Copy and paste the information from your resume into the appropriate section.
Save the document and use it with every job application you make directly to employers via Pharmaboard®. Also use it when you apply for jobs in our job listing section ‘Hot Jobs for Hot Talent’.
Feel free to send a copy to [email protected] if you are interested in our placement services. It’s free of charge.

Download our Resume Template