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The Resume Black Hole


Do you ever wonder why your resume so often seems to disappear into a Black Hole? You have carefully prepared it, perhaps used a resume service; your experience and education are a fit with the requirements and yet there is no response. Nothing. Not a peep.

The answer is that current resume formats and computerized hiring processes are incompatible. We live in the time of key words and twitter bites. Today resumes must negotiate resume portals and tracking systems designed to filter out candidates before they arrive on someone’s monitor. That’s where resumes hit the Black Hole. But it’s only the beginning.

Reviewers don’t read resumes, they only scan them. If your resume makes it through the computerized obstacle course the salient information must hit the reviewer at first glance for resumes to be passed to the hiring manager, or it’s off to the black hole again.

The Answer is Resume Optimization

To increase your chances exponentially you must optimize your resume. You must use a format compatible with computerized screening and search techniques. You must create a resume that is dramatically different from the tired old 1970ies format everyone still uses today. But what to include, what to leave out, what to highlight, how to structure it, what font to use, how many pages; in other words how to catch the reviewer’s attention at an instant and stand out from the competition?

There is a generally accepted format but it needs dramatic improvement and optimization and we offer to do it for you in consultation with you.