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Interview Pitfalls

canstockphoto10450718Interview Pitfalls

Interview Pitfalls

There are 1001 ways to bungle interviews. Believe us we know! It’s not only about your performance during interviews; your conduct and actions prior to and afterwards are part of the evaluation process. Consider yourself under a magnifying glass from the beginning to the end.

And how to avoid them

It does not matter that you may have strong experience with interviewing. Being interviewed is dramatically different.

For example: What is the purpose of the interview; what not to do during overnight stays; how to deal with employment gaps; what if you were fired from your last job; completing the application form; how to handle income requirements; how to answer hypotheticals; meetings over meals; behavior based interviews; phone interviews; things to avoid; things that spell success.

Using our experience you can sidestep all these pitfalls and have successful interview outcomes. We practically guarantee it!