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What Actually Happens to Resumes

Let’s take a look. When resumes are submitted to employers’ resume portals, they are first parsed by computerized Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs). It is at this point that most of resumes are culled and send to some Resume Black Hole never to be seen again.

Those resumes that are forwarded arrive at the monitor of a person in HR. However, resumes do not actually get fully read at this point; instead they are reviewed at a glance. Reviewers visually scan for specific information and only if the required criteria jump out at first glance will the resume get forwarded. Experience tells us that only 5 or 10 resumes out of a submission batch of 100 ever make it to the hiring manager. But at this point another final evaluation takes place, which can cut the number of invitees to interviews to two, one or none. Would you bet such odds at anything else? No? Then why accept them when it comes to one’s career?


Believe it or not, there actually is a silver bullet: Resume Optimization. Optimized resumes are resumes which are written, structured and formatted to punch through the most stringent filters and land on hiring managers’ desks, lead to more interviews and ultimately more and better job offers.

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