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Well, perhaps not totally passive. In our world active is good and passive is not. However, there is a tremendous opportunity for candidates who are in secure positions and are not finding the time or do not wish to undergo an active job search, but who would nevertheless be open to exploring outstanding career opportunities if they were offered.

To professionals who find themselves in this enviable position we can offer a two-pronged approach that requires practically no time and effort but nevertheless offers great rewards.

The first is to utilize Pharmaboard®. Spending just a few minutes at night you can discover new and exciting employers at your favorite locations anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide and then apply directly online.

The second is to simply sidestep all search activities by uploading your resume in our internal database and then sit back and let the jobs come to you. We will be on the look-out for suitable opportunities and contact you when we do, at which time you can decide which ones to pursue.

Either way, all the advantages for future “career development without really trying” are at your fingertips. Simply upload your resume in our internal database free-of-charge. As a bonus, we will optimize it and send you your very own personal copy. You will be successful by practically “being passive”.  Guaranteed!