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For job seekers, Pharmaboard® was created to fill a void in the marketplace: Namely the absence of a comprehensive central Employer Directory for pharmaceutical industries. To remedy this deficiency, we decided to compile a complete directory of all domestic and international employers and make it available to job seekers free of charge. Researching and uploading these employers will be an ongoing process.

For employers and providers, Pharmaboard® creates international name recognition and drawing power on par with the largest international big-pharma companies.


Employer information is obtained from corporate websites. Companies are individually researched, identified and uploaded by our staff reflecting the information on the websites. Our MO is to link visitors directly to corporate career pages. Where corporate websites do not include career pages, we have connected job seekers to ‘home’ or ‘about’ pages.

The unique and groundbreaking nature of Pharmaboard® is that prior knowledge of company names and URLs is not required to find new employers. Searching either by Job Location, Dosage Form or Business Type, the site links visitors directly to company websites in the U.S. and worldwide and enables them to respond online to any job, free of charges or fees.



  1. Resume Depot:

All resumes were individually sourced, evaluated for industry experience, optimized for precise, accurate and easy search results, and individually uploaded by our staff. Resume searches are free and unlimited. Value-added services include obtaining availability and current resumes and contingency placement services. Charges consist of a resume delivery fee and a drastically reduced contingency placement fee.

  1. Featured Jobs / plus

Our staff provides uploading services, and respondents are directly linked to your company’s website career pages to apply and review your entire roster of job listings. Thus enabling you to display all your jobs for the price of one.

  1. Featured Employers:

This feature enables employers to highlight their company name in the Directory for universal name recognition and drawing power on par with the largest industry giants.

  1. Featured Jobs:

This section comprises our Job Bank. The site is industry-specific, enabling fast and accurate listings by job location, industry/dosage forms and job category for more, better and more precise responses.

  1. Featured Posts:

This section is especially valuable for providers to the industry and other businesses interested in expanding their customer base at reasonable cost.



  • Job seekers have free use of this site for all its services 24/7/365.
  • Standard listings in the Employer Directory are free for employers.
  • Resumes received by employers via Pharmaboard® are free of placement fees or any other charges.
  • Highlighted and featured listings are available for employers desiring greater name recognition and drawing power.
  • Featured Posts are available to industry service providers interested in New Business Development at affordable cost.


We encourage other pharmaceutical service platforms to engage with us in reciprocal advertising arrangements.