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Resume Optimization

quality_of_life_officeGenerally speaking, resumes and job descriptions are like two ships passing in the night, when in fact they should be mirror images. Resumes must pass through two different types of filters: Electronic and human, resume portals and HR departments, before they might get passed on to the hiring manager. Computers are programmed to look for matching keywords. The first task of resume optimization is, therefore, to create a set of key words that will match the keys in job descriptions. Failing that, resumes go to the Black Hole.

After resumes have made it through the electronic filtering process they usually arrive at the desk of an HR representative who reviews them visually. This is a quick two-step process. The first step takes only a few seconds. Reviewer will glance over the resume and if they do not see the information they are looking for, the resume will, once again, go to the Black Hole. we are hiring

If they do see the information, they will take a second, closer look, and if satisfied they will eventually pass the resume on to the hiring manager. This requires resumes to be written in a way that salient information is available at a glance, and it’s the second task of Resume Optimization to make that happen.

This takes experience and expertise which job seekers generally do not possess. How could they? Their experience and expertise lies elsewhere. We offer to do this in consultation with you. It’s a small investment that will reap rich rewards in larger number of successful interviews and more and better job offers.