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PHARMABOARD® is the exclusive Employment Search Engine for the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

The site links Job Seekers to Employers anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide with a click of the mouseIt lets Job Seekers discover previously unexplored innovative and exciting companies and become part of and contributors to their success stories. And it levels the playing field for all employers to acquire equal recognition and compete on par with the largest international corporations for the best available talent in the industry. 

Could you compile a list of 100 pharmaceutical manufacturers from memory? How long would it take you to create one from scratch? Do you know that 100 employers represent only about 1% of all available job opportunities, and job ads even less? Can you imagine how much this limits your career? But do not fret. To date, we have identified over 2,000 exciting and innovative pharmaceutical companies anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide; and the list continues to grow. Searching by Location, Dosage Form, Company Type and Job Category, we can link you directly to the Job Listings of Employers with a click of the mouse. Curious? Check it out now!


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The more employers, the more job offers.


There are thousands of exciting and innovative pharmaceutical employers in the U.S. and around the world, completely unknown to you. But you can easily link up with them via The Nexus!

Simply choose the location you want to live and work in, or select the dosage forms you want to work with, and The Nexus! links you up with more employers and careers than you ever dreamed existed.

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Apply direct to any job that meets your wants and needs!

For Mission Critical Positions! We will display job listings exclusively to a large base of pharmaceutical job seekers and potential pharma candidates. Employers will reach thousands of pharma candidates with every broadcast and Job seekers will find new and exciting opportunities to boost their career!  Apply directly to any job that meets your interest and qualifications.

Free of Charge!


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Utilizing Pharmaboard® for searches, resume submissions and acceptance of job offers is FREE.  However, we strongly recommend that you optimize your resume and only submit the optimized version to potential employers in response to jobs of interest.

Optimization is done by copy & past and takes only a couple of minutes.

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