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It would be great if interviews always went swimmingly well. But unfortunately, many of them are not successful. Often interviewees commit avoidable errors.  Nobody can coach job seekers for every contingency and once “in the ring” you are on your own. But there are common pitfalls in all interviews and the smart interviewee prepares to avoid them. To have greater numbers of successful interviews and receive more and better job offers, become thoroughly versed with avoiding the pitfalls you must prepare in depth. Think of it as a series of board presentations at the highest level. These are the topics you must know the answers to:

What is the purpose of the interview?

How hard do you play?

Getting ready

Researching the employer

Proper attire

Being on time

Travel & overnight stays

In the Reception Area

The Application Form

It’s all about Credibility

Minimum does not exist

How to get what you want

In the interview

Breaking the ice

“Tell me about yourself”

Passion and Enthusiasm

Interviews are two-way streets

The best way of interviewing

When to stop asking questions

Staying on safe ground

Behavior based interviews

Being promotable

About your “weaknesses”

Meetings over meals

The end of the interview


Reasons for your job search

Positive reasons

You are unhappy with your job

You lost your job


After the interview

Keep the “thank you” brief

Waiting for a decision

You receive a competing offer

You like A better than B

Hold the presses

You have three options

Employer A makes the offer late

The offer is too good to be true

About Counter Offers

Personalized Information

We can provide you with answers to all these questions and exponentially improve the outcomes of your interviews.