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The Senior Research Scientist, Chemical Development, is an expert synthetic organic chemist.  The scientist’s principal responsibility is in the design, synthesis, purification and identification of chemical intermediates and target compounds.  The scientist is expected to provide contributions to the chemical problems assigned. The scientist is self-motivated and demonstrates initiative in responsibilities and always strives to do the job better.
• Synthesize target compounds utilizing a blend of both classical and modern technology effectively.
• Modify reaction conditions in accord with visual observations to allow rapid, successful production of target compounds.
• Use a broad spectrum of practical laboratory skills as needed; including advanced methods of purification of solvents and reagents, running reactions under anhydrous and oxygen free conditions, and using advanced methods for isolation/purification of sensitive materials.
• Utilize all available techniques and analytical instrumentation such as: NMR, IR, & HPLC for monitoring laboratory experiments and the analysis of products effectively.
• Conduct laboratory operations in a safe manner.  Maintain familiarity with the Chemical Hygiene Plan.  Exhibit safety awareness and safe work practices.
• Follow responsible actions regarding chemical disposal.  Maintain compliance with all regulations at the federal, state, and local levels.
• Recommend and implement methods to increase the quality of products and/or service.
• Adapt to changing priorities such that productivity is unaffected.
• Contribute suggestions to coworkers.
• Lead projects and small team on junior scientist
• Organize work time so that several reactions are run concurrently.  Use time efficiently to produce target compounds with investigation of side reactions being normally given low priority.
• Manage workload and time to enable the incumbent to perform multiple projects effectively, and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed on a timely basis.
• Contribute technically to the Company’s web site; seek opportunities to publish.
• Conduct literature searches for specific target compounds, structures related to the target compound, or to determine specific conditions for compounds and reactions.  Keep abreast of current scientific literature and discuss new findings with colleagues.
• Communicate effectively in verbal and written form on research results, issues, and plans.
• Find new and better ways of performing job by challenging established procedures.  Require minimal supervision, bring assignments to completion independently.
• Discuss routinely with supervisor the status of the assigned programs and potential problems.#LI-JB1


Education and/or Experience
• Ph.D. Degree in Organic Chemistry or equivalent experience
• 4 + years Industry experience. Experience in Process Development Chemistry preferred.
• High-caliber writing skills.
• Chemical Hygiene Training
• Other pertinent training/courses

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