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U.S. Citizen // CURRENTLY: NNJ/Rockland County, NY – not available for relocation
Rx Solid dose, strong controlled substance experience; medical products
Manufacturing Management; Warehousing & Distribution Management; Certified Trainer for Industrial Equipment; Production Scheduling


Manager, Supervisor, Project Manager, Trainer
Multi-Manufacturing, Warehouse and Distribution Centers involved in medical products and pharmaceuticals, in union and nonunion facilities.
Certified Trainer – industrial equipment
Developed SOPs, maintained cGMPs, met FDA and DEA compliance
MRP II systems, planned and maintained the production schedules
Maintained 5S Program
Designed and implemented a 50,000-sq. ft. distribution center
Knowledgeable in SAP, BPCS, AS400, KRONOS
Department of Defense Secret Security clearance (inactive)


Designed and implemented a 50,000-sq. ft. distribution center
Managed the movement of upwards of 5 million dollars’ worth of Commercial and Military Equipment
Maintained corporate requirements of 98% on time delivery to customers
Meeting budget requirements of $75,000
Saved the company $60,000 by streamlining distribution channels


2019-Present Manufacturing Manager

Responsible for overall direction, coordination of 4 departments on 2 shifts
Inspects products for conformance
Directs setup and adjustments of machines and process equipment
Sets/adjusts production schedules
Applies and enforces company policies and safety regulations
Interprets specifications, blueprints and job orders to workers and assigns duties
Establishes or adjusts work procedures to meet production schedules
Recommends measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and quality of the product
Suggests changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency
Analyzes and resolves work issues
Troubleshoots complicated equipment
Inspection and maintenance – familiarity with methods and procedures

2018-2019 Assistant Production Manager

Manage night operations – 14 people direct reports
Responsible for press operations & label inspection operations
Manage Inventory consumed & returned to warehouse
Responsible for production scheduling, interfacing with day shift

2014-2018 Warehouse Supervisor

Motivated a challenging work force to come together as a team and become more productive subsequently eliminating overtime expenses by 8%
Implemented an annual maintenance program to eliminate costly repairs to building equipment
Redefined the warehouse location system to enable maximum storage capacity
Maintained 5S Program
Certified instructor of Crown warehouse equipment, e.g. reach trucks, pacers, single and double jacks

2009-2014 Range Operations Supervisor

Oversaw and maintained training areas and live fire ranges
Ensured training was conducted in accordance with Army Regulations and protocol
Wrote and updated procedures to stay in compliance of any changes of guidelines for range operations
Scheduled and chaired weekly training briefings
Maintained mandatory documentation for all military and nonmilitary units using live fire ranges and training areas

2012-2013 US. Army- Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan

2004-2009 Joint Task Force Empire Shield

1998-2004 Manager of Controlled Substances /Warehouse Operations

Managed 25 union employees in a fast-paced high volume federally regulated manufacturing and distribution facility.
Created a better work environment, order fulfillment, inventory control and tracking customer complaints, maintained a seamless work flow between multi-plant and multi-warehouse operations and reported monthly narcotic activities to the local DEA.
Created a more productive and efficient department by reducing excessive absences and lateness.
Maintained corporate requirements of 98% on time delivery to customers.
Reduced the time of processing customer complaints from up to 120 days to the required time of 30 days by implementing a report which tracked the process.

Manager of Controlled Substances

Successfully worked as a key team player on the startup of a new narcotic manufacturing and distribution facility, developed standard operating procedures, qualified and validated the processes and procedures.
Streamlined the material process flow and met all requirements of the FDA and DEA with a primary focus on the controlled substance and warehousing areas.
Developed SOPs for the manufacturing, packaging and distribution narcotic process maintaining safety standards, cGMPs and meeting compliance requirements of the FDA and DEA.
Researched, identified and purchased material handling equipment including forklifts, jacks and racking systems meeting budget requirements of $75,000.
Selected qualified vendors through audits focusing on QA/QC procedures, manufacturing processes, safety records, cGMPs and facility appearance and employee attitude.
Inspected facilities and procedures, audited and approved for operation by the FDA and DEA.

1995-1998 Manufacturing/Warehouse Supervisor – Production Planner

Using MRP II systems, planned and maintained the production schedules for the manufacturing and packaging of antibiotic suspension products.
Balanced inventory of raw materials and packaging components to ensure resources were available to meet production schedules.
Maintained monthly production schedules with minimal change.
Minimized downtime and back order by effectively managing inventory levels through MRP II.
Supervised 3rd shift manufacturing and warehouse operations. Issued raw material and reconciled manufacturing batch records, maintained inventory records of raw materials used in the manufacturing process.
Increased batch production of antibiotic blending by 25%.
Through team building, motivated personnel to maintain efficiency levels.

1985-1995 Manager of Controlled Substances and Distribution

Managed up to 35 union employees and 5 supervisors in a multi plant and warehouse operation.
Responsible for all manufacturing, packaging and distribution of narcotics and the distribution of non-narcotic pharmaceutical products.
Buyer, responsible for purchasing MRO and laboratory materials.
Key player in the design and implementation of a 50,000-sq. ft. distribution center, consolidating two warehouses subsequently managing the facility.
Saved the company $60,000 by streamlining distribution channels into geographic zones and establishing the lowest bulk freight rates possible.
Minimized downtime by formally training the operators in daily routine maintenance procedures, resulting in the elimination of replacing dead batteries and malfunctioning lift systems.

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