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U.S. Cit. // CURRENTLY: N.C. – Open to relocation
BS Natural Resources, AAS Agribusiness Management, AAS Landscape Design
Environmental science and laboratory technician with documented background across horticulture, agribusiness, and conservation / sustainability education. Diligent and detail-oriented nature lends to careful documentation and data analysis throughout the research process.

Laboratory & Research:
Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance (QA), Instrumentation, Technical Writing, Data Collection & Analysis, MSDS, Biological Samples, Test Findings, Chain of Custody

Safety Protocols, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Compliance, Proper Storage

Project Management:
Procurement, Inventory Control, Project Coordination, Program Management, Risk Mitigation


Microsoft Office Suite Excel | PowerPoint | Publisher // Database Development // Database Management // GIS Mapping Software


Environmental Specialist & Operations Technician | 05/2014 – 12/2020

Across numerous locations, leveraged combination of education and formal training in recreation management through delivering targeted horticulture / environmental science efforts, to better support park operations and meet clients’ needs. High quality performance yielded several promotions across tenure.

Research & Data Analysis

Gathered data directly from over 100 interested and affected parties through various means, taking care to not invalidate or contaminate data prior to incorporating into reports or analysis procedures.
Tracked two years’ worth park usage data, then delivered data to senior leadership, leading to more informed decision-making and the ability to structure procedures to better meet clients’ needs and desires.
Promoted positive relations among up to 30 internal team members through collaborative efforts and behind-the-scenes motivational efforts, leading to the ability to resolve conflicts before they reached management’s awareness.
Looked to historical documentation for information on horticulture and plant species’ background to monitor and categorize relevant items within portions of the property.
Utilized professional and field experience to prepare well-written technical reports, including detailed analysis from metrics and figures gathered from field data, to allow consultants the capacity for drawing conclusions.

Operations Coordination

Coordinated 10 educational programs and tours, focusing on natural resource protection topics which resulted in educating patrons and clients on environmental sustainability.
Worked to maintain facilities in keeping with organizational objectives and mission, leading to a better capacity for improving user experiences.
Assisted clients and patrons across 5 locations, structuring content and presentation delivery to differing age groups.

Risk Management

Actively participated in discussions focused on initiatives to identify and address risk exposure, exposing gaps in policies, which enabled development of refined risk mitigation actions and kept organization within acceptable limits.
Enabled and collaborated in executing safety drills relative to both facility and vehicle inspections, and including scenario brainstorming, all of which led to more comprehensive policies governing property safety.
Engaged directly with guests and clients to clearly communicate expectations and enforce protocols and procedures which ensured ongoing safety and a reduction of incidents.

Team Leadership

Cultivated positive relationships with up to 30 internal team members at all levels, leading to the ability to promote and facilitate a collaborative working environment.
Identified potential conflicts, then personally addressed them with the individual, resulting in a reduction of workplace tensions and freeing up time to be devoted to focusing on professional activities.
Motivated team members, delivering feedback and encouragement, working consistently to advance professional skillset acquisition and growth.


Research & Laboratory Technician

NC State University

Across tenure, honed professional skillset with respect to laboratory procedures and field research within specialties of the natural sciences division.
Handled specimens and collected data, then accurately documented processes with a careful attention to detail to preserve research processes and findings from start to finish.
Ensured capacity of other team members and leadership to reference materials and deduce research status as well as results.
Managed inventory and laboratory equipment, diligently seeing to proper storage and maintenance which ensured readiness of all materials for next use.
Implemented protocols which governed ongoing safety to ensure compliance and reduce probability of worksite injury.

Research Specialist & Technical Writer

NC State University, Watershed Education for Communities & Officials | Raleigh, NC

Compiled information gathered through research protocols, then ordered data into technical reports.
Broke down complex scientific concepts into easy-to-digest components, enabling comprehension by audience of readers within the public on relevant topics.
Disseminated scientific data into appropriate formats, using a variety of document types relative to the need and end-use.

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