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Pharmaboard® is the premier Specialty Site for Job Seekers in API,

Biotech, Rx Pharma & OTC Research and Manufacturing Organizations.

Utilizing over 30 years of successful pharmaceutical recruiting

experience, the site links Job Seekers with Employers anywhere in U.S.

and worldwide with extraordinary search results. It enables Job Seekers

to discover previously unexplored innovative and exciting companies

and become part of, and contributors to, their success.


Universal name recognition is the goal of every organization; it is also the answer to successfully compete with the strongest domestic and international competitors for the best and the brightest talent available.  Pharmaboard® provides a level playing field for every employer regardless of size and development. Your appearance in Pharmaboard® automatically conveys name recognition and hiring success. Guaranteed!

About us: We are pharmaceutical recruiters with 35 years of experience and expertise in providing candidates for STEM positions in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. We have experience in U.S. and international markets and are fluent in certain European languages. We are familiar with all aspects of drug development and manufacturing. Our ad placement will always be precise and accurate.

What is the Purpose of Resumes?

The purpose of Resumes is to get interviews. But not every resume gets interviews. Why is that?  Resumes by themselves do not get jobs. Interviews get jobs. 

The Advantage of Being Passive

There are tremendous opportunities for candidates who are in secure positions and do not wish to undergo an active job search. Take advantage of them.

Beware the Resume Black Hole!

Do you ever wonder why your resume seems to disappear into a Black Hole? Your education and experience are a fit and yet there is no response. Why?

Keys to Successful Interviews

It would be great if interviews always went swimmingly well. But unfortunately one unforced error can sink your candidacy.

Dress for Success and Win!

It is generally accepted that you cannot make a first impression twice. To win you have got to get it right the first time.

To Apply or Not? That is the Question

Without wanting to sound dogmatic, we believe in the obvious: Qualifications must meet requirements. But the obvious is not always the norm.

Our Mission Statement

PHARMABOARD® was specifically created for job seekers in the pharmaceutical industry to find greater numbers of exciting job opportunities with larger groups of creative and innovative employers in a wider range of favorite locations with better search results, free of charge. Searching either by location, dosage form, company type or job category, the site links you directly to Employers anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide with a click of the mouse, and lets you respond directly online to any job that suits your requirements and qualifications free of charge.