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Integrity, Experience, Expertise

 Employers demand it! Candidates expect it! We deliver it!




Recruiting Partners & Career Links(TM)


for Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Compliance, Validation

Supply Chain, Business Development, Sales & HR Business Partners


Pharmaceutical, Biotech, API, OTC & Personal Products Industries





Cost-effective Services for Employers


 Through a unique combination of

Traditional Recruiting and Online Career LINKS(TM)


we deliver comprehensive and cost-effective strategies for discovering, reaching and attracting experienced candidates fast and accurately! Our services are tailored to the special needs and requirements of Pharmaceutical Industries. We bring to the job detailed knowledge of dosage forms, production processes, job content and FDA-regulations.


No other service delivers this level of personalized, individualized and informed support

at the cost-effective levels we are offering!



 Winning Services for Candidates

Tools for Success!


 Complimentary Placement Support

We will support your job searches with our full battery of placement tools and advice. Upload your resume and a brief profile via RESUME UPLOAD above and we will respond with links to hundreds of new and exiting companies with thousands of job opportunities at your favorite job location. There is no charge for these services.


Resume and Interview Optimization

The ratio of resume submissions to interviews is 20:1. The ratio for interviews to job offers is 5:1. These are formidable odds. In truth, most resumes are filtered out before they reach anyone, let alone the hiring manager. And interviews are minefields. But there is good news! We can prepare optimized resumes that will reach hiring managers, and provide you with valuable guide lines on how to conduct successful interviews. 





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Integrity, Experience, Expertise!

Employers demand it! Candidates expect it! We deliver it!