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 The looming talent shortage disaster


The upcoming course change by the new administration portends good and bad news. The good news is that more Americans will be employed again. The bad news, however, is that it exacerbates an already existing shortage of experienced talent. Experienced candidates for Pharmaceutical, Bio-tech, OTC products and APIs producing industries everywhere are increasingly hard to find. Demand is beginning to outstrip supply and this already existing shortage threatens to starve employers of the talent and brainpower needed for continued growth and prosperity. And as the time-line for finding needed talent extends, cost per hire keep rising. 


 The Solution


PROTECHPHARMA ® meets this predicament heads-on both by increasing the talent pool and reducing recruiting cost. We are the only comprehensive integrated career network in the FDA-regulated manufacturing world where employers and employees can 'one-stop-shop' for the four essential services in job searches and talent discovery.


PharmaJobs WebLink: Disruptive Innovation


WEBLINK is an entirely new specialty recruiting tool for FDA-regulated industries. It is the newest and most unique value added internet recruiting tool available to employers and candidates alike. Eschewing general job ad sites WEBLINK connects job seekers with industry experience directly to employers' website at the locations of their choice. It gives employers the opportunity to attract new desirable talent to stay competitive in their field. It levels the playing field by giving smaller companies the same competitive advantage in the job market that the large international companies enjoy. And it dramatically lowers cost per hire!








Standing still is falling back


Employers are continuously searching for talented employees who can contribute to the growth and success of their organizations. But many candidates are reluctant to do the same for their careers. The most successful employees are actively engaged in their career development. They are always alert to the next possibility. They present upward career trajectories and never get passed over! 


Let the jobs come to you


You, too, can join this exclusive group of alert growth candidates. It's easy! Become a so-called passive/prospective candidate. It does not require time consuming job searches. Simply uploading one’s qualifications on PHAMABOARD ® does it! Click on ‘Resume Upload’ and simply follow the prompts. The opportunities will come to you. We guarantee it! finds Jobs at the Location of your Choice


Why bother with job ad sites? Connect directly with employers' websites, free of charge. Discover new and innovative employers in FDA-regulated industries at the job location (s) of your choice. Respond instantly to jobs that meet your requirements and experience. Visit our PHARMAJOBS WEBLINK site on



Career Upgrade and Resume Optimization


No athlete would take the field without thorough preparation. But many job seekers believe they can do it off the cuff. Not so. It takes winning resumes to open the door, proficient phone interview skills to score in-house interviews, and adroitness to avoid the looming pitfalls inherent in personal interviews. 'RESUME MECHANICS' has the tools to guide you through the most challenging interview processes and come out a winner!



Your success is our business!