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Recruiting Partners

for Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, HR & Business Development

in Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, API & OTC Industries!


How Success Works! 


 New and better cost and time saving Search Tools!




Pharmaceutical Recruiting since 1986

at three graduated cost levels. 

When it comes to recruiting partners three attributes are indispensable: 


Integrity, Experience and Expertise!

Without them there is nothing!


With us, after more than 30 years of pharmaceutical recruiting, experience and expertise are a given. But most important for us is Integrity! It's been our guiding star from the beginning and will continue to be so.  Our promise is that we will handle every search professionally and competently, and that we will always be true to our word!




Competitive Advantages for Candidates:

 We do jobs better!


 #1 The PharmaJobs Hyperlink

 A Tool like no other!


There are thousands of pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US. But how many of them do you know? Where can you find them? Most employers do not have universal name recognition? Simply, you need a place where you can get the answers:


The PhamaJobs WEBLINK (TM)

Hyperlinks you to hundreds of Employers' websites and thousands of PharmaJobs.

Displays all U.S. and international locations of every listed employer.

Enables you to compete for the best jobs at your favorite job locations ahead of your competition.



#2 Featured Jobs

Get to the right person!


Speed and accuracy are important to you! You want to see jobs at-a-glance; all in one place, easy to identify! You want to know that the jobs are real, and you want to deal with a pharmaceutical specialist whom you can trust:



Are real. No fakes. No duplications.

Are organized by Product experience, Job experience & Location for speedy access. 

Are easy to select and easy to answer. Simply attach your resume and submit. We'll do the rest.



#3 Your Billboard

Be visible, be anonymous, be safe!


You want a place where you can display your qualifications anonymously! Where corporate recruiters and hiring managers will make their first stop to find needed talent for strategic positions! Where contact can be made without jeopardizing your identity:



Displays your education and qualification for hiring managers to find you for the next strategic opening.

Publishes you in a confidential manner to safeguard your privacy.

Keeps you anonymous. Inquiries are handled through a third party: Our experienced recruiting staff.



#4 Coaching for Success!



How to become # 1!


1. You fit the job description to a T; your education is right; your experience exceeds the requirments. You send your resume but get no traction. Your resume was filtered out! It never reached the hiring manager. YOU NEVER EVEN HAD A CHANCE! What to do better next time?


2. Congratulations! You jumped all the hurdles and made it to the interview. The job is right for you. And you are right for it. It all went swimmingly; or so you thought. You are expecting the job offer. But wait! The job went to a competitor! What happened? Simply, you made a number of avoidable, unforced errors. How can you fix errors you don't even know you made?



 Come out on top!


Resumes that open doors

How to avoid the Resume Black Hole. Punching through resume filters. Preferred font styles and lay-out. Where to place education. True key words.  Phrasing 'Objective' and organizing the 'Summary' section.


Interviews that get job offers

What is the purpose of interviews? Pitfalls and how to avoid them. Keeping the interviewer engaged. Staying on track. How to answer hypotheticals. How to handle the salary question. What not to do during overnight stays. How to follow up to get real answers. And more.


Never miss again:






Our Specialties:  

Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain,

Business Development, Sales, Business Partners/HR,

plus pertinent support categories in FDA regulated industries


Product / Industry Categories

APIs / Chemicals / Minerals

Biotech Products

Medical Devices / Disposables

OTC Products


Solid Dose Pharmaceuticals

Sterile Pharmaceuticals

Tissues / Grafts

Transdermals / Films


Job Categories



Clinical Trials

Regulatory Affairs


Tech Writing



New Product Launches

Pharmaceutical Technology

QA, QC, Compliance





Packaging Engineering

Plant Engineering

Process Engineering

Project Engineering

Quality Engineering

Safety / Process Safety



Clinical Production

Commercial Production

DEA Compliance

Packaging / Labeling


 Support Functions

Business Development

HR Business Partners


Supply Chain / Logistics



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