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The looming recruiting disaster


Talented, experienced candidates for Pharmaceutical, Bio-tech, OTC products and APIs producing industries everywhere are increasingly hard to find. Demand simply outstrips supply and this already existing shortage threatens to starve employers of the talent and brainpower needed for continued growth and prosperity. And as the time-line for finding needed talent extends, cost per hire keep rising. 


 The Pharmaboard solution


Pharmaboard ® meets this predicament heads-on both by increasing the talent pool and reducing recruiting cost. Pharmaboard is much more than an anonymous super-computer. In addition to individually sourcing active candidates, Pharmaboard ® puts a major focus on discovering passive / prospective talent. These prospective candidates comprise a talent pool that is difficult to bring to the market place. To find them simply click on 'Talent Directory' and find your next pre-qualified and pre-sorted major talent. Our experienced staff of pharmaceutical recruiters supports you every step of the way.


Standing still is falling back


Employers are continuously searching for talented employees who can contribute to the growth and success of their organizations. But many candidates are reluctant to do the same for their careers. The most successful employees are actively engaged in their career development. They are always alert to the next possibility. They present upward career trajectories and never get passed over! 


Let the jobs come to you


You, too, can join this exclusive group of alert growth candidates. It's easy! Become a so-called passive/prospective candidate. It does not require time consuming job searches. Simply uploading one’s qualifications on Pharmaboard ® does it! Click on ‘Resume Upload’ and simply follow the prompts. The opportunities will come to you. We practically guarantee it!




Your success is our business!